S.C. Swiderski promotes Nathanael Popp to CEO

SCS announced that Nathanael Popp has been promoted to CEO effective immediately.

MOSINEE, WI – 02/07/2023 – Nathanael Popp was promoted to CEO of SCS. Nathanael has overseen all operations since 2019 and was promoted to COO in 2020. Nathanael has been a valued member of the leadership team over the last 4 years. Under his direction, the company has over $1 billion in construction and development projects expanding the company footprint across the state. With continued growth forecasted over the coming years, SCS is proud to expand the executive team with Nathanael Popp at the lead.

“Nathanael has been a critical part for driving SCS's growth over the last 4 years. He has led change, developed within, and led the path to increase our unit’s growth exponentially. Our organization is very diverse and evolving every day. Nathanael has brought us into 2023 ready for even greater things. He has been an amazing mentor, colleague, and senior leader. We are excited for this new transition of our organization and continued growth of our executive leadership team”, says Human Resources Business Partner, Nicole Blum.

Due to this promotion, SCS is currently accepting applications for the position of COO. To view a full list of job opportunities, please visit the website scswiderski.com/careers.

About SC Swiderski: SC Swiderski is a regional leader in real estate, property development, construction, and management based in Mosinee, WI. Founded in 1992, SC Swiderski provides quality market rate housing in more than 20 communities.



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